Monday, July 9, 2018

Sensorimotor Training for MMA Fighters

Three skills required by mixed martial arts athletes are the ability to percieve, process, and react. Recently, undefeated amateur fighter, Grant Neal, demonstrated this by clinching a light heavyweight title in a three round unanimous judge decision. Neal's ability to read his opponent and respond with lightning speed paid off.  

Prior to his last two matches, Neal participated in SMART:  Sensorimotor, Multi-Axis, Rotational Training.  He started with very low intensity and speed -- hitting laser targets that came in and out of his field of vision while rhythmically, gently rocking forward and back and spinning at 5 revolution per minute.  He incrementally advanced to the training level he uses today:  30 revolutions per minute, for 3 minutes, full inversions with an unpredictable pattern of motion.  

 To view this video on youtube:

Neal participated in SMART two to three times each week leading up to each match.  He reports that the repetitious opportunity to practice "perceive-process-react was instrumental to his success in the octagon. 

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