Thursday, June 7, 2018

Strategies in Vestibular/Sensorimotor Exercise

 Taking What Works and Making it Better

Vestibular therapy and exercises can be made more efficient, effective, and engaging with the layering on of additional challenges to brain processing and the sensorimotor system. 

In our work developing the GyroStim methodology, we have identified four main areas where we can enhance client / patient experience.
Although you may not have access to a GyroStim, many of these techniques can be adapted for use with other manual, low-tech modalities. Within each area there are multiple strategies for success. 

Target Strategies to reinforce situational awareness and discernment

  • Targets placed at same or varying heights
  • Targets placed at same or varying distance.
  • Targets identified by colors, numbers, letters or shapes
  • Custom targets: relevant to subject such as aircraft instrument panel
Physical / Situational Strategies to exercise challenges specific to the individual
  • Interactive: rotate (exercise) while actively pursuing targets, with the option to engage in cognitive activities
  • Passive: rotate (exercise) with head fixed and staring at a fixed point (inside the rotating chair)
  • Eyepatch on dominant or non-dominant eye
  • Subject wears sports gear (i.e. football helmet, hockey helmet) during session
  • Crowd/stadium noise or other appropriate background recordings are played loudly during the run 
Laser Pointer Strategies to engage and challenge the sensorimotor system
  • Laser in dominant or non-dominant hand
  • One laser in each hand, alternate left / right hand in sequence
  • One laser in each hand, alternate left / right per clinicians verbal commands
  • Laser mounted on head with headgear, or on other parts of the body as needed
Cognitive Strategies to add processing challenges  and mprove multi-tasking  
  • Counting up or down in sequence
  • Simple or complex math equations
  • Familiar list recitation
  • Short or long term recall challenges
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